• Fall

  • The Fall 24 collection – Digital Nature, combines the everyday necessity to dress up and down for any occasion while keeping in mind that technology is available to us at any time no matter where we are – the forest, a neatly trimmed park, or the raw cobblestones of inner Copenhagen.  

    Inspired by these contrasts, the collection combines and distorts digital encodings with comfortable, soft fabrics. 

    Other than that, the collection includes our signature stripes in a variety of sizes from giant to tiny, leading the mind to the screen flickers of a broken TV and low-res pixels disrupting the organic and tactile sensation. 

    Drop 1 lanceres 11.07.24

  • For this Fall collection our colours are inspired by the landscape paintings by Danish painter Ejner Nielsen (1872-1956), and our print story is made in collaboration with upcoming Danish photographer Angela Djekic, shot in Copenhagen on polaroid camera.  

    By embracing digital nature in fashion, we believe that we can create a more sustainable and innovative industry that celebrates the beauty and wonders of our planet.  

  • Credits

  • Talents – Aoife & Bruce

    Photographer – Oliver Knauer

    Make-up / Hair – Trine Rasmussen

    Styling – Jonas William Abbotts

    Production – Alpine Office