Jersey TND Derlisina, Forever Blue

Jersey TND Derlisina, Forever Blue

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Jersey TND Derlisina is a dress for girls made from 100% organic cotton. The dress features adjustable spaghetti straps, elastic on top of the chest and a nice flared bottom. The dress reaches just below the ankles and has a nice light and layered flair. Derlisina is dyed with tie-dye, which is a dynamic dyeing process that creates colored patterns in a solid base color. Finally, the material of Derlisina is organic cotton, which means, among other things, that the material is produced using less water than usual, and without any harmful chemicals. This means that the dress is beneficial for both you and the environment. Jersey TND Derlisina comes in the colors; Warm Beige, Tangerine and Forever Blue.
Detaljer og Vask
  • Forever Blue
  • 100% Organic Cotton
Style No. 200259