Mads Nørgaard

FULL NAME - Mads Mathias Nørgaard.
BORN -  25.04.61 in Copenhagen, Denmark
ORIGIN - Norwegian mother, Danish father
Married to Cecilie Nørgaard and father of two children.

At Mads Norgaard-Copenhagen we are deeply in love with fashion and with the changing of the times.

However we also find the western world is moving too fast at times.
 To slow everything down a little, we are also in love with the fashionable items that just don’t change.

When we create the new collections season after season expect a core of classics as our fashion point of departure. For women and for men.

It’s an enduring quality with our designs that they aim to make girls and boys more sexy and tough — always from a modernistic point of view.

Ultimately fashion is meant to free you, not overrule or control you. What you wear should support you in your ways and beliefs. This is how I see it.

- Mads Nørgaard

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